The Toilet Circuit

by alexira

The Wedding 03:58
THE WEDDING The wedding has gone leaving leaves, red trees and tears. There were people around me, echoes trough my window. And now everything is clear somehow. The party has parted trough the eyes of a girl and a smile, purple was the colour, smell of seashells. And now everything is clear somehow. You can challenge them, analyse your dreams, you can trust your hands, don't give up... And now everything is clear somehow...
HOPE FOR EVERYTHING, EXPECT NOTHING Close your eyes, let your mind, let your mind fly in every corner… Say goodbye, close your eyes, let the world slip under your feet… This was never any place you were meant to be… Take your time, choose your way, you can be whatever your want to be… Safe yourself, cheat on yourself, let your mind change everything… (the way you see) This was never any place you were meant to be… Hope for everything, expect nothing… This was never any place you were meant to be… This was never any place you were meant to be…



Recorded in my small home studio in The Ratyard Studio (Manor House, London 2009/2010) using a battered PC with an Edirol UA-25 interface. The DAW used is mostly Cockos Reaper 3.5 but some of the first recordings were done in Acid Pro v.6/7 and the songs were recorded at 16 and 24bit, 44kHz.
For the vocals I used mostly Shure Beta 58 and a Behringer C-1.
The acoustic (Crafter) and electric (Rickenbaker) guitars were connected directly to the Edirol and processed later with various plugins. I recorded and played all the instruments (Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards by myself. The bass is a "vintage" (1989) Squier by Fender P Bass Special, this one too directly plugged in the Edirol and re-processed/re-amped later.

There's only me singing on all the tracks.


released May 24, 2010

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by alexira.


all rights reserved



alexira Barcelona, Spain

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